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Set Yourself Up For Success in 2015!!!

Here we are once again, embarking on a new year that will be full of new opportunities, new relationships, new hopes, and new aspirations. The question to ponder is, “What makes this year different from the last?” There is always so much talk about new year’s resolutions and about finally being committed to reaching the goals that, for so long have been on our to-do lists. But I want to challenge you to adopt a new perspective. Goals represent those hopes, dreams, and aspirations that we long for. Most people I have talked to have a very clear picture in their minds about what they want and even how to get there, but they are not taking the action necessary to get there! The truth is that what truly holds most of us back lies in one of three areas: our identy, our beliefs, or our actions (or lack thereof). This is so easy to identify in others, but not so much in ourselves. Have you ever thought, “Wow, she deserves so much more than that!”, or “I’m can’t believe he puts up with that!” Our inner struggle with our identies and our beliefs are often invisible to us, but they are our biggest blocks to attaining our goals and they determine which actions we take and which ones we avoid. I want to challenge you to begin to notice what you are telling yourself about your identity and your beliefs. Are you identifying with being too young or too old? Are you too tall or too short? Are you of the wrong background? Do you believe that you...

El Ingrediente Secreto del Exito

Es interesante platicar con la gente sobre el tema de la prosperidad y éxito. Muchísima gente cree que la prosperidad y el éxito son los resultados de la buena suerte o porque la persona viene de una familia rica y exitosa. Lo que no ven es que la prosperidad y el éxito residen dentro de cada quien y solo esperan que los llamamos. Te has preguntado alguna vez la pregunta, “Porque yo?”, o “Porque esto siempre me pasa a mi?” De seguro en alguna ocasión, todos lo hemos hecho. Desafortunadamente, cuando nos preguntamos preguntas así, estamos adoptando una mentalidad de ser las víctimas de la circunstancia. En estos momentos, creemos que no tenemos control de la situación y de nuestras vidas. Estas formas de pensar nos limitan y no nos permitan lograr ni ser prospero ni exitoso. La buena noticia es que somos capaces de cambiar nuestra forma de pensar. El primer paso es de reconocer cuando estamos pensando cosas negativas o dañinas. Un buen ejemplo es cuando pensamos algo así: “Yo siempre estoy quebrado. No hay lo suficiente dinero”, o “Yo me veo tan gorda y no atractiva.” A veces pensamos cosas así sin darnos cuenta. Yo leí que pensamos un promedio de 60.000 pensamientos a diario. Imagínate el daño que nos hacemos con pensar tantas cosas negativas! Haz el intento de darte cuenta de los pensamientos negativos tuyos aunque tan solo por un día y veras como te sorprenderás! [Las personas] llegan a ser lo que creen que son. Si yo creo que no puedo hacer algo, eso me hace incapaz de hacerlo. Pero cuando yo creo...

Are You Ready to Thrive?

Let’s revive your drive, right now… This gal will revive your drive… Reboot your biz passion with this… Need a quick biz reboot? Here you go… A fast exercise to reconnect to your “why”… Have you ever felt a lack of motivation in building your business? A “Why the heck am I doing all this work for?”  It hits everyone from time to time (including me), and what I like to do is get a quick “refresh” on why I’m an entrepreneur. Ali Brown has this new video (which is honestly amazing, by the way) sharing fascinating stats and insights on why it’s women’s time to Thrive… and in it she gives a quick little EXERCISE that I found pretty powerful. You can access it here right now: What she shares will help you connect back to your WHY. Meaning, why you decided to make this leap and begin this new chapter in your life in the first place. Remember? Hmmm… oh yeah, that’s right! The WHY. Tip: The exercise is in the first 4 minutes. But I guarantee you won’t be able to stop watching… she shares some pretty profound stuff. Definitely worth your time. And you DON’T want to wait on this, because this video won’t be up and free for long! P.S. In the video, Ali also shares a study that is honestly a bit heartbreaking. You really need to know this information. But what I love is she then gives you SOLUTIONS you can implement IMMEDIATELY to boost your income and live your best life. Watch and see what I mean...

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