I am so happy to be alive and especially now! I can’t say that I always felt the same way, but have gotten to where I am now because of all of my life’s experience, both good and bad.
I decided to become a coach back in 2005 when I was working as a child sexual abuse investigator. My husband and I weren’t married yet but were planning our wedding. We had recently purchased a townhouse and life was good.

One day before our wedding, both of my parents flew out to be with us for our wedding day. My parents had been divorced for over twenty years, but since they booked rooms in the same hotel, they spent that evening reminiscing and truly enjoying each other’s company for the first time in decades. The next morning, my mom and daughter left to get their nails done for the wedding. My soon-to-be husband, my father, my son and I began to take things in to the clubhouse where the reception would be later that evening. Not more than 15 minutes later, my father collapsed and died.

Why would I tell such a story to complete strangers, you might ask? I am telling you because I truly care about you and want you to feel the profound joy for life that I experience every day. My father’s death sent me into a whole new direction and really made me ask myself, “What is my true purpose?” Of course I had heard people tell me before that I should appreciate each day as if it were my last, but I didn’t really get the message until that bittersweet day of my wedding.
I now know that my purpose and my passion is to help others to find theirs, and to help them to live life to it’s full potential.

What is your passion?