Entrepreneurship and business ownership can be daunting if you haven’t carefully created a business plan that is in alignment with the reasons that you became an entrepreneur/business owner to begin with. Sometimes we get caught up in doing what we love and waiting for the money to follow. Unfortunately, we can often lose some of the excitement about what we are doing because it begins to consume every waking moment of our lives.

Here are a couple of quick points that can help you get back on track:

1. What type of business do you have (or are you interested in creating)? Does it require a physical location for clients/customers to visit or is it strictly virtual? Do you interact directly with your clients/customers or do you do so indirectly through information products or through hiring employees and managers? How much of your time does this part of your business require?

2. Review your mission statement, values, and goals to see if they are in alignment with what you are actually doing in your business and how you and your business are showing up in the world.

3. Revisit your original vision for your company. Is your company on the right track or has it taken a turn in the wrong direction? If part of your vision was to have your company produce residual income but you haven’t been able to take a day off in 6 months, you should look at ways to streamline some of the tasks at hand. Are there any that can be automated, such as financial transactions? Are there any that you could delegate to others, such as errands, writing newsletters, making phone calls, etc.? Are there any activities that you can simply omit or delete from your schedule?

Being an entrepreneur/business owner is an extremely fulfilling and rewarding experience and it is that much better when your business is fully in alignment. There are obviously many other factors to consider when completing a business plan but beginning with these will get you headed in the right direction.

To your success!