My last post had to do with gaining control over what you feed your mind and limiting negative information. By now, you are probably more aware of all of the information that bombards us on a daily basis, even when we don’t go out looking for it. However, let’s take this idea one step further.

I saw a very interesting post on the No More Negative News fan page on Facebook. Someone asked whether or not people feel that the news reports negative information because that’s what they want to report, or if they report the negative news because that’s what the viewers want. I, of course, believe that it is the latter. In fact, I believe

that every time you watch any television program, visit any internet website, read any periodical, read any book, or purchase any product (just for a few examples), you are voting for that program/website/periodical/book/product. If there were no viewers of the negative news, there would be no sense in them broadcasting it. If people don’t put their money and energy into something, it goes away. In contrast, what you put your money and energy into expands. So what are you expanding? Do you know who produces the products you purchase and what causes those companies support? Your money (energy) is supporting whatever you direct it to.

Start paying attention this week to what you are voting for. Ask yourself if these things are in alignment with your values and beliefs. If they are not, decide not to support them and seek those that are!