Just the other day I was reading a heated discussion on Ali Brown’s fan page, and subsequently her blog post about whether or not moms who work at home should get help with childcare. What a heated discussion with a plethora of thoughts and ideas! This is one of those subjects that has been up for debate for years, especially since women’s roles have continued to evolve. In fact, a recently published article in Entrepreneur Magazine outlines some amazing statistics, including the fact that between 1997 and 2011, the number of women-owned firms increased by 50 percent, a rate one and a half times the national average. With those kind of statistics, it is no wonder that more and more mom-preneurs are looking for that balance between their home and business lives.

This is huge and it is creating an incredible shift in how we as women relate to society, our families, our communities, our money, and even to ourselves! Ladies, we have the opportunity to set the stage for future generations!

Women are re-writing the traditional rules. We are paying more attention to developing ourselves as women so that we can be strong business owners, wives, and mothers. We are not conforming to the traditional, corporate rules of business, and instead, we are prioritizing what matters most and then harmmonizing our personal lives with our business identities.

We are truly designing our lives, as opposed to falling into previously dictated roles and expectations.

Earlier this week, I met a young, single lady who just recently graduated from college and is at the beginning of her career. When we got to talking, she asked me how it is that I do everything that I do as a business owner and a mother. It’s really all about harmony. There is really no magic formula or right answer for everyone here. The answer is, quite simply, if it works for you, then that’s what you should do.

There really is no room for judgment or self-doubt based on what others are doing. If you are feeling either of these, ask yourself: In what ways do I conform to what others want me to be? What is most important to me? In what ways am I manifesting and demonstrating those things that are important to me?

I would love to hear your thoughts below, whether you are a mom-preneur, a working mom, or someone who knows one!