Today is Monday again, one of my favorite days of the week. While every day is special, Mondays to me represent the chance for a fresh, new beginning and new opportunities. As an entrepreneur, I try to control for as many variables as possible, planning my days and weeks out meticulously. However, sometimes there are messages from the universe that I have no way of accounting for that can end up shifting my plans completely.

I began noticing an incredible shift in December 2011 which seems to be accelerating more rapidly as the time passes. Last week ended up being completely different from I had expected and there were many incredible turns of events. As I reflect on these events, I realize that there is no way that I could have ever predicted what actually occurred, but through faith and preparation, I was ready for the changes and I can’t help but to see the huge blessings that are manifesting as a result. While I had accounted for and planned for some of the events that occurred last week, I did not plan for them to happen so quickly!

Sometimes we are waiting for the right moment to take that leap of faith, but life has its own way of propelling you in the direction that you are meant to go.

Have you noticed the shift this year? There is an incredible energy in the air of “out with the old, and in with the new”. For some, this is an exhilarating time of new beginnings and new experiences. For others, it is extremely frightening and anxiety provoking as they hold on tightly to “what was”.

Will you embrace the shift?

As the old and outdated patterns that no longer serve you are brought to the surface and your life begins to shift, here are some tips to help you step into it with grace and joy:

Have a strong sense of faith – If you know deep down that everything will be okay, it probably will!

Keep a positive perspective – There is virtually always a positive in any given situation. If you are able to keep your mind on the good that will come out of the change, you are more likely to experience personal growth as a result.

Activate your social support network – You don’t have to go through challenging times alone! Positive friends, mentors, and family members may be able to offer some insight and new perspectives.

Don’t forget to laugh – Life doesn’t always have to be taken so seriously! Laughter is relaxing and releases endorphins, making it much easier to cope with challenges.

Open your mind to new experiences – We humans are truly creatures of habit and we usually don’t change unless we are forced to. Be open to learning to appreciate something new!

Take responsibility – Accept your contribution to the current state of affairs and create a workable plan of action. The more you stay in the “victim” role, the longer and more difficult the situation.

Don’t fight it – tap into the divine, connect with love, and trust that this is all happening for your highest good!