Just the other day I was listening to Kim George speak on With Gratitude & Grace’s Mindful Monday show on BlogTalk Radio. She read her Freedom Memorandum, which spoke to my soul divinely and profoundly. It reminded me of one summer that I spent with my mom in California as a child. One day that summer, we were driving down a windy, hilly road through a beautiful mountain range. We were listening to music that seemed to be synchronized with each turn, and we were in awe of the constant displays of beauty that awaited around each bend.

As we continued on our path, there was a brief rain, followed by the return of the sun and what seemed to be one of the most vibrant and amazing rainbows I have ever seen! I was instantly convinced that we were in the perfect spot to discover the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, as the end of the rainbow appeared to be just around the next bend! I waited in anticipation as we rounded the bend, expecting to see the beautiful treasure awaiting, but to no avail. “It must be around the next one,” I thought; however I was disappointed over and over again as we rounded each bend.

Are you chasing that pot of gold in your life and feeling repeatedly disappointed as you come around each bend?

I found my search for the pot of gold to be a perfect metaphor for life and also one of life’s great lessons: appreciate the beauty around you, but more importantly within you, and realize that you are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Often, we spend our thoughts and energy on what we hope will happen, on what we are working towards, or on how our life will be better when……..(you fill in the blank). Right now, in this very moment, you already have everything you need to share your gifts with the world, to experience joy, to and tap into true abundance. Don’t wait until you get around that next bend, because if you do, you just might miss the beautiful, vibrant rainbow that is right in front of you!