Many of you know that I was in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico just last week on a fabulous spiritual retreat with an amazing group of women. I can’t even begin to describe to you with words the magical sense of expansion and re-birth that I experienced there, which brings me to what I want to share with you in today’s message.

What you need is just on the other side of your fear, resistance, objections, doubts…….insert excuse here “______________________”.

Guess what? I almost didn’t go to Tulum. That’s right! I almost missed out on this!

I was telling myself about how inconvenient the timing was. After all, I am in the middle of a huge move across the country, my kids are on summer break and I would need to arrange for them to be with someone while I traveled, I had a ton of things going on in my business, my passport had expired and I would have to get a new one (that’s a story in and of itself), and I just didn’t feel like “being inconvenienced”.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you passing up the opportunities that the Universe is sending you because they are disguised as inconveniences, because they are uncomfortable, or they are just plain work?

What decisions are you ready to make, even if they feel difficult, or even terrifying?

How will you honor those deep desires of your soul?

Some thoughts for you to ponder………

It is time.

You deserve this.

You have the power.

You are courageous.

You’ve got this!