There is just a knowing. You know, those times when you are doing something that sings to your soul. Those times when you don’t even check to see what time it is, and honestly, in that moment, you probably don’t care.

You are in FLOW

Last week I had the privilege to spend time in East Palo Alto, California, teaching an incredibly talented and dedicated group how to be masterful coaches, at an organization called Live in Peace.

This is not just any organization. The people at Live in Peace are extraordinary. They are passionate about their community and embrace it with dedication and fervor. They are touching lives and giving people a hand up. They are working with the youth, the future of our world, but not just any youth – those who might likely have a bleak and uninspired future due to struggle or lack of awareness about the amazing opportunities that await them in life through education and personal development.

The group of people I worked with, who will touch the lives of the adolescents in their community, are so incredibly talented and authentic, and what truly excites me is that the messages that I was able to share with them will impact lives and generations to come. The people who this will impact may never know who I am, but I will know that I have served as a catalyst for change.

Live In Peace Life Coach Crew


What is your passion?

How will you make an impact?

If not now, when?

Someone is waiting for you…….