I might be dating myself, but if you are anything like me, you might be chanting the lyrics to Eminem’s 2000 controversial hit rap song after reading that title! Whether you are a fan of rap music, or of Eminem, this song conveys a strong message and was a chart-topping international hit, winning numerous awards, such as a Grammy Award, an MTV Video Music Award for Best Video, and it is designated as one of the best 500 songs of all time by New Musical Express.

While Eminem’s music and lyrics are considered controversial by many, he is a genius when it comes to sharing the messages and wisdom related his journey in a completely authentic manner. You either love him or you hate him. In fact, many celebrities and leaders have found themselves in the throes of controversy as they have allowed their authentic voices to be expressed.

Ultimately it comes down to a decision:  Do you continue to attempt to be liked by everyone, or do you step into your authentic truth and allow your voice to be expressed?

What if you stop listening to the fear messages from your ego, and ask yourself a different kind of “what if”?

What if you feel incredibly liberated and fulfilled?

What if you make deep, authentic connections with your people?

What if you become the catalyst for someone else’s epiphany?

What if people truly see the real you?

What if it is all worth it?

Won’t the Real {insert your name here} Please stand up?