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Are you ready to attract quality clients, create more time freedom and earn the income that you desire in your business?

If you are a coach, trainer, or heart-centered entrepreneur, worrying about money and how to attract new clients is probably all too familiar. You know that feeling – that deep desire to do what you do best while making great money, but you just aren’t quite sure how to begin.
Maybe you have been in your business for a while, but are still unsure about how to grow and expand to the next level, or you may even feel that sense of guilt that you are working too hard in your business and don’t have the time you desire to spend with your loved ones having fun.

Hi, I’m Tanya Mundo,

and I used to be exactly where you are!

I always wondered why success, money, health, and love seemed to come easily for others, but I seemed to perpetually struggle in one or more of these areas. I could never seem to harmonize all three for any sustainable amount of time, which created an emotional drain and downward spiral for me. It got to the point that I began to feel inauthentic and overwhelmed, then sapping my creativity and connection with my divine purpose.
The number one lesson that I have learned as a successful entrepreneur is that I could not do it alone! In the past, without the support of my family and my amazing coaches and mentors who had already been where I wanted to go, I found myself frustrated and lost. I thought that I could just observe other successful entrepreneurs, receive their free reports, and just figure it all out. My health was suffering and I was feeling guilty about all of the time and energy that I was spending just trying to stay afloat in my business.

The final straw came in July 2012, when I was going to a free workshop and only had $50.00 in my bank account. I had been charging per coaching session and had been having a difficult time keeping a steady stream of coaching clients. As I arrived at that event, which was in a swanky downtown hotel, I was unable to find parking nearby, and because the surrounding area is not necessarily the safest area, I was forced to use the valet parking, which was $28.00. After attending the event, now having already spent half of my money on parking, I said a prayer to God. As I sat there in my car after the event, tears in my eyes,


I knew that what I had been doing was not serving me, and it wasn’t serving the people whose lives I am here to touch.

After that fateful night, I began to look at my business with new eyes. I decided to quit trying to do everything myself and to restructure everything that I was doing in my business. I stepped out in faith and found the money to invest in a high-level coach who I knew would be able to help me leap forward and out of the money slump that I was in.
With the help of my coach and mastermind group of amazing entrepreneurial women, I became clear on how to price and package my coaching, instead of selling coaching by the hour. I was able to skyrocket my business into the six figures within the first year by pricing and packaging my coaching services in a way that was attractive to my potential clients. My confidence soared, I was able to more effectively manage my business, and clients began to be magnetically attracted to me. I no longer had to work so hard for so little. My health began to improve as my stress level diminished. I was excited that I had time for ME again!
It is my promise that you will quickly discover that when you step into your confidence by charging what you’re worth, create some defined coaching packages, and market them with confidence, something profound and life-altering will happen:  you will gain clarity, creating a state of expansion, which will instantly begin to attract all of the people, opportunities, ideas, experiences, and money that is meant for you!

Packaging your offers and pricing them attractively will help you in attracting quality clients, creating more time freedom and earning the income that you desire in your business.

It is not as difficult as it seems! 


Are you ready NOW?

That’s why I created Propel Your Profits with Pricing, Products, and Packages

 A proven, step-by-step program that gives you the following:

Practical, nuts-and-bolts strategies

and actions steps. I will personally share my super simple pricing formula with you, which you can use in your business over and over again!

The solution to challenges

such as how to charge what you’re worth, create packages that sell, know how to present them to potential clients, and more!

What to focus on

in order to create a steady income stream in your business so that you can get away from the “dollars for hours” paradigm!

A way to grow your busines

More than just a collection of strategies – a way to grow your business that feels easy because all the pieces fit together (giving YOU a sense of ease)


You consistently attract your ideal clients and generate increased income business…I will coach you to quickly and confidently make those tweaks)

Plans and Pricing

Create an authentic marketing message (you’ll love the template I’ll coach you through that teases out the right words for you to use)

Propel Your Profits with Pricing

Jumpstart your coaching business with grace and ease
  • Five, live sessions, each recorded for you to keep in your success library, with time for Q & A
  • New sessions each Tuesday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT beginning February 20th
  • Done-for-you handouts and materials
  • Group masterminding
  • Full-pay or 3-payment plan available at checkout
  • Enroll on or before February 14, 2018 to also receive two 30-minute private coaching sessions with me to personally review your pricing, products and packages!
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